General Counsel

A general counsel is the front line of your legal team, the professional to whom you turn before any other. Eclectic Law provides general counsel services to businesses with an emphasis on biotech startups and the longevity industry.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property, including copyrights, patents, trademarks and trade secrets, is often your most valuable asset. Protect your intellectual property with proper contracts, the appropriate level of planning and experienced legal counsel.

Business Structures

Forming the right type of business entity within any jurisdiction can have a significant impact on the success of a business, especially in the early and investment stages. Anticipate business growth and structure your business the correct way from inception.

Technology Licensing

Technology and product licenses can maximize value while facilitating the most effective use of technology for any company. Know your options and protect your intellectual property and licensing contracts with sound legal advice.

Litigation Advice

When considering or confronting litigation, consult an attorney that can help review your options, represent you in court and manage all phases of litigation from investigation and discovery through trial, settlement and appeals.

International Business

Business across borders is complex. Eclectic Law has a broad cultural perspective and unique in-house multi-lingual expertise which can help you manage international transactions, legal questions and cross-border issues in a timely manner.

Starting and operating a business can be stressful if you have to worry about legal issues.

Good counsel can manage your legal needs and let you take care of your business.

I have hired Paul Spiegel as a lawyer and a legal consultant on more than one occasion. He is immensely knowledgeable and helpful. As a result of my association over the years we have also become good friends and he has purchased art works from me on several occasions over the years. I would recommend him highly as an attorney.

Kevin Geary, Owner, Kevin Geary Art

When startups ask me for a pointer to legal help, I send them to Paul. He’s been a friend to the future tech community for many years. I even went to Paul for a referral when a friend was going through a tough divorce. Somehow he makes time to take the call whenever I have a question. Overall he’s been a pleasure to interact with.

Christine Peterson, Stealth

Paul Spiegel is a well-trusted Bay Area attorney. He has a vast knowledge base in business and has been integral in the local biotech start-up community. His commitment to legal structure, in an ever changing field, makes him a stand-out favorite. He is regularly seen attending biotech conferences and is well known and respected by the scientific community.

William H. Andrews, President and CEO, Sierra Sciences

Mr. Spiegel’s counsel has been of great benefit to all of the undertakings I have sought his advice on. His wisdom has carried with me in to many aspects of my career, even many years later. I highly recommend Paul Spiegel for his clarity and resolution in the most unusual of cases.

Kaotika Du Flambeau, Artistic Director/ GM, Integrating Art

Paul Spiegel | Eclectic Law

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